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The Making of the Stars

If you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars learning about how to become a better speaker and market yourself without much results, you are not to blame. Today the competition is more and more fierce and the old methods not longer work. Gone are those times, when being a good speaker alone made you millions.

The only way to win as a thought leader is to create your own vertical and differentiate.

There is a little-known formula that’s present amongst the top speakers from Simon Sinek to Nick Vujicic. We’ve talked to the best of the best so that you can too use what works. Become recognized for your expertise and authentic character.

The Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to have access to experts’ opinions and strategies. Our goal is to help thought leaders develop a message that spreads and educate the world.

The Top Speaker Program

With our Top Speaker Program, we show you the ropes: engineer a strategy, advice you on execution, and mitigate roadblocks.
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We Engineer brands

The 4 Branding Principles

Everything we do is deeply connected with the core four branding principles


The company stands for original ideas that a select group of people absolutely love. The improvement can’t be marginal, but has to redefine the way we do things.


There are thousands of companies fighting for the same group customers. Successful brands stand for something very specific and different. Differentiation is incorporated in product, voice, audience and other factors.


Nobody would let a pilot operate without a licence. Same thing with companies. You need to instill trust and build a relationship, so that people are comfortable buying. What gives a company credibility? Results.


Strong brand grows beyond your company and stands for something much larger. It’s when you create a movement of brand ambassadors that contribute to your efforts and advance your company’s big mission.

Our Services

What We Do

We engineer the future thought leaders.

The Top Speaker Program

Our Top Speaker Program is built on our four pillar of successful branding: differentiation, innovation, validation, and cultivation.

This method is engineered to discover your thought leadership area, set yourself apart, build credibility and allow speaking gigs to find you.

We help you reimagine every component of your brand and marketing process.

Sales Funnels

Engineering sales machines is our art, science and passion. It’s about crafting a customer journey that communicates value to your die-hard fans and ideal clients.

- Website
- Lead Magnets
- Traffic

- Email & Chatbot Automation
-CRO & Retention

We understand the personal and professional development markets. This is where ideas become brands.

More Services

Personal Branding

The most powerful brands have one things in common - their leaders. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. Thought Leadership accelerates companies and technologies to scale.

Lead Generation

A startup becomes a business with sales. We bring quality leads, nurture them and help you close. Make your revenues predictable.

Video Marketing

We, humans, communicate, establish trust and learn from stories. Video is a powerful tool to make complex easy and inspire people to take action.

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What's the Difference?

At Prometheus our mission is to empower speakers to connect with their crowds through captivating storytelling. We help craft unique visions, tell authentic stories and create cults. We do this by building powerful personal brands that people love and relate to.

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